Hybrid Biltong & Jerky Maker Kits

Hybrib Biltong Jerky Maker Kits

Make Both Biltong and Jerky With Luvele's Revolutionary New Hybrid Biltong & Jerky Maker bundled into a kit!

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  • The Lynx
  • The Leopard
  • The Lion

Introducing the all new Luvele multi-purpose Biltong Maker. 

This is the ultimate biltong and jerky making machine. The latest in biltong technology, a biltong maker that will speed up drying, there is no need for a light bulb and it also makes jerky plus can be used as a regular food dehydrator.

Making your very own biltong at home has never been easier and biltong is just the beginning. The Biltong Maker is also a traditional food dehydrator. Make nutrient packed dried fruits and vegetables, meat & fish jerkys, vegetable chips, cauliflower popcorn, dehydrated tomatoes, dehydrated rolled oats, and much, much more.

The Biltong Machine delivers 3 heat settings, the low setting of 35°c allows for making biltong. The other two settings of 45°c & 75°c used for making Jerky and fruits & veggies.

There is no light bulb and heated fan forced air is used to perfectly dehydrate your choice of foods.


Light-weight and easy to assemble and set up
5 Drying Trays (expandable to 8 trays) for jerky, fruit and vegetables
Biltong Rack with 8 stainless steel biltong hooks
400w Top- Mounted Motor 
3 temperature settings | 35°c, 45°c & 75°c
Top mounted fan, no marinades/liquids dripping on fan motor
Stainless Steel micro mesh filter for clean air flow
BPA Free, Phthalates Free, Non Toxic Constructions
Multi-purpose: Biltong, Jerky, Droewors, Fruits, Veggies
Dishwasher safe trays and accessories
Average of 68-70DB on highest setting
Size 45cm X 34cm X34cm
12 Month Warranty


The Lynx

  • Biltong & Jerky Machine
  • 200g Crown National Safari Spice
  • Biltong Slicer

The Leopard

  • Biltong & Jerky Machine
  • 600g Freddy Hirsch GM Biltong Spice
  • Biltong Slicer

The Lion

  • Biltong & Jerky Machine
  • 600g Freddy Hirsch GM Biltong Spice
  • 2kg Crown National Safari Biltong Spice
  • Biltong Slicer

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