Check out some of these recipes, there are many, try each one to find out which one suits your taste. These biltong recipes have been made available by our biltong friends.

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Other recipes:

2Kg Beef (Preferably Silverside or topside, try avoid corned silverside as it's salted).
Rock Salt
Coarse Ground Black Pepper
Coarse Ground Coriander
Vinegar (preferably Apple-Cider vinegar)


First, be sure to sterilize all your hooks, knives, and working surfaces by washing well in hot water and soap.

Get some half-inch thick strips of beef (Silverside - called London broil in the US). Make sure it's cut with the grain. The pieces should be about 6 inches long. Liberally sprinkle rock-salt on each side of the pieces of meat and let them stand for an hour. The longer you let it stand the saltier it will become.

After the hour, scrape off all the excess salt with a knife (don't soak it in water!).

Then get some vinegar, preferably apple-cider vinegar, but any vinegar will do (the vinegar used will influence the final flavour slightly). Put some vinegar in a bowl and dip the strips of meat in the vinegar for a second or so, just so that the meat is covered in the vinegar. Hold the biltong up so that the excess vinegar drips off.

Then sprinkle ground pepper and ground coriander over the meat on all sides.

Once you have done this, the meat is ready to dry.

A Biltong Maker is an ideal way of drying biltong at home.

You'll know when the biltong is ready when it is quite hard, but still a bit moist inside. Of course, some people like it 'wet' and others like it 'dry'. It's all a matter of taste.