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Cadac Potjie Pots

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Few things are more delicious than a good potjie that has been simmering the whole day.

A CADAC potjie makes it easy to prepare that dream meal. We supply everything you need to prepare the perfect potjie, including recipe ideas. The next time you go camping, take a CADAC potjie along for those unforgettable dinners. You can use it at home too.

Campers love to make a potjie and it certainly does lend itself to the outdoor lifestyle.

These potjies are made of rust-proof cast iron and has a matt waxed, non-stick surface coating. The round shape and domed lid ensure even heat distribution and the gutter on the lid can be used for coals. They have three tall legs for cooking directly on the coals, should you prefer, and a thick wire handle for easy handling.

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