Do I need a light bulb for my biltong maker?

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Do I need a light bulb for my biltong maker?

Do I need a light bulb for my biltong maker ?

This is a common question, the best answer is no.

Allot of people will say that the biltong maker or machine doesn't need it, this is because the fan forced air is used to dry the meat, rather than heat from the bulb.

This is true, however in some areas, there is very high humidity and humidity leads to the dreaded evil mould build up on your precious drying biltong.

This is where a light bulb comes in handy.

The correct light bulb will dry the air and reduce the effects of humidity, leaving the inside of the machine a stable dry environment. 

So in saying this, if you are in a coastal area or an area with high humidity and wish to make biltong during the warmer months, then yes I suggest using a light bulb.

The other issue with light bulbs, is which is the correct one to use?

Incandescent light bulbs are the preferred globe, however they are near extinct and trying to find one is almost impossible!

The next best bulb would be a halogen bulb, for the Biltong King we suggest a 28w candle shaped bulb, which gives off a similar heat to a 40w incandescent bulb. For the bigger Biltong machine we suggest a 42w bulb, it doesn't have to be any shape as there is more than enough room inside the box to accommodate the larger round bulb, a 28w bulb would work too.

The good thing about halogen bulbs is they tend to last longer than incandescent bulb too, about 50% more!

Please note due to the nature of them, we do not guarantee the light bulbs, so if they do break in transit (we do wrap them very well) or whilst in use we cannot reissue a new one.

If you do need a bulb from a store please visit Bunnings, Coles or Woolworths, look for candle shaped B22 base 28w halogen bulb


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