Difference Between Biltong & Jerky

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Difference Between Biltong & Jerky

What is the difference between biltong and jerky?

Biltong is air dried, whilst jerky is baked and/or smoked with flavours. Jerky 'can' be dried in a dehydrator (Biltong Machine / Biltong Maker) however is generally baked and/or smoked.

Jerky is also traditionally allot thinner and drier than biltong, while biltong can be more moist dependent on your taste preference.

As Biltong is air dried, all the enzymes in the meat are intact and living, which is good for you!

Biltong's main drying process involves; spices, salt and vinegar. Biltong takes approximately 3-5 days to dehydrate by using fan forced air. It will lose up to 50-60% of moisture, keeping all the vitamins, iron and mineral content.

Jerky is normally made with 12 hours by baking it in an oven, smoker or a dehydrator. Jerky is normally seasoned with a marinade or rub (spice blend) then sliced and dried. When jerky is made vinegar does not generally get used.

Both Biltong and Jerky are great snack foods and seem most popular with the following interest groups:

 - Hikers

 - Rugby and cricket supporters

 - Camping

 - Truck drivers going long distances

 - People on the Paleo diet

 - People on the Atkins diet

 - Bodybuilders and gym fanatics love the high protein content (around 40-60g) in biltong and jerky.

We offer the biltong maker and biltong machine, both capable of making biltong and jerky in your home.

We are BIG Biltong fans here at BiltongBru - which one do you like better Biltong or Jerky?




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