Biltong Maker vs Biltong Machine

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Biltong Maker vs Biltong Machine

Differences between the Biltong Maker & Biltong Machine

Everyone wants to know the differences, if any, between the Biltong King Biltong maker and the Biltong Machine.

First the most obvious are the size differences. The Biltong maker (Biltong King) is smaller in that it can handle a recommended 3kg of wet meat and the biltong machine can handle 5kg's of wet meat. Both rectangular shaped and both look great in any kitchen or food prep area.

Let's look at the Biltong King (Biltong Maker) first, it's slightly smaller than the Biltong Machine in length, the width is roughly the same. The Biltong King has a fan at the top which sucks air in and a light bulb at the top which creates heat. That heat is dispersed around the unit (to simulate a dry environment) and out the air vents at the bottom. It has 3 plastic hanging rods at the top where you hang your meat/droewors/sausages and it comes with 9 plastic S shaped hooks. The unit comes standard with 2 drying racks/trays where you can dry meat to make jerky, chilli bites or dried fruit and vegetables.

Putting together the unit is a piece of cake and will take 1 - 2 minutes at most. It has clip together panels, just be cautious when putting them together not to be too rough as the clips can crack. Cleaning is easy, just un-clip, wipe down with warm water and some liquid soap. It's advised not to stick the panels in the dishwasher.

The Biltong Machine is a great unit, the side panels are tough and thicker than the Biltong Maker. The fan is also at the top of the unit but the light bulb is at the bottom of the unit, (the light bulb heat simulates a dry environment).  The air is sucked in through the vents at the bottom and heated by the light then dispersed out via the fan in the top of the unit.  The unit has a drip tray which also acts as a heat disperser, so heat is evenly dispersed through the machine. The rods are aluminium and strong, it comes with 9 plastic S shaped hooks. There are no drying racks that come standard with the Biltong Machine, you can order these separately through us.

Putting together the unit is very easy, as the side panels are thicker, it will take slightly longer putting the unit together and taking it apart than the Biltong King.

We suggest sticking to the recommended load in each Biltong Dryer.  By adding more meat (which they are capable of) it will take the meat longer to dry and you might run into issues of not enough air flow and the development of mould.

We have run both machines at different points in time depending on our meat/space requirements at the time and happily recommend both machines.  The Biltong King (Biltong Maker) is more popular as it is a smaller unit.

For a more detailed view of each, check the Biltong Maker & Biltong Machine below.    




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