Best Meat to Use To Make Biltong

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Best Meat to Use To Make Biltong

What is the best meat to use when making biltong

This is always a commonly asked question, some say corned silverside others say rump and so on. I've tried both corned and non-corned meats. I would have to say the non-corned meat is best suited to my taste...why you ask, well that is because the corned beef is already salted and when adding your spices to the meat it can produce very salty biltong. The best meats I've found, have been a good cut of silverside, (has layer of fat on the outside) topside or rump, these are a little more expensive but the biltong comes out great, tender and semi-marbled. You also want to make sure there is not too much fat on your meat or else you will have allot of fatty biltong (many people love wet and fatty biltong, especially with a beer, a match made in heaven) Don't forget to ask your butcher if they could cut up your piece of rump or topside, ask for it to be 1.5 - 2.0cm thick, this will save you allot of time in the kitchen. ©

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