Biltong Cutter

Biltong Hand Cutter / Slicer

Biltong cutting knife

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A very sharp high tensile steel blade takes care of the cutting. Definitely a must to complete your quest on how to make biltong.

Cutting through a kg or more of biltong with a traditional knife will take a long time, with these biltong slicers, you'll finish the job in no time at all.

Our BiltongBru cutter is simple and functional and gives you the best value for money. 

With a quality finish, the craftsmanship of this biltong knife is second to none.

Can be used for slicing veggies, fruit, jerky and of course biltong.


Anti-bacterial cutting block

Detachable knife Built in tungsten - carbide knife sharpener

High quality stainless steel blade

Detachable knife for easy cleaning or independent use 


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