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Biltong Spices & Jerky Seasoning - Sample Packs

Can't decide which biltong spice / jerky seasoning to go for, try our 200g sampling packs!

200 grams will make 5-6 kg of biltong and we'll send out instructions to you too.



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Sampling Spices included:

Crown National Safari Biltong Spice 
Crown National Chilli Bites
Crown National Chakalaka Seasoning
Crown National Safari Dry Wors
Freddy Hirsch Original Biltong
Freddy Hirsch Kalahari Spice
Freddy Hirsch Hunters Spice
Freddy Hirsch GM Biltong Coarse
Freddy Hirsch Chilli Bite (Hot)
Freddy Hirsch Original Dry Wors
BiltongBru All Natural Spice (Paleo Friendly)



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