Chilli Bite (HOT) - Freddy Hirsch

Freddy Hirsch - Chilli Bite Biltong Seasoning (HOT)

A spicy savoury seasoning with top notes of garlic & a cayenne pepper burn. Bright orange free-flowing spice with visual herbs & crushed chillies

Can be used for Biltong & Jerky Seasoning

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Dosage: 30g - 50g per kg of meat


Mix spice, meat & any additional ingredients together. Leave overnight to marinate. Tumble again and hang. Then dry to 40-60% moisture loss.

Bag Size:

1 Kg


Salt, Cereal (Maize), Mustard, Dextrose, Monosodium Glutamate(Flavour enhancer), Cumin, Chilli, Acidity Regulator, Spice Extracts, Parsley, Flavour Enhancer, Flavouring.

*Not suitable for people with allergies to wheat gluten, soya bean, egg & milk allergies

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