Original Dry Wors - Freddy Hirsch

Freddy Hirsch - Original Dry Wors Spice

A mild flavour with top notes of coriander and thyme. A light beige coloured free-flowing spice with visual coriander.

Used to make Dry Wors or can be used for biltong and Jerky seasoning too.

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Dosage: Use 30 - 33g per kg of meat

Bag Size:

1Kg Bag


Salt, Cereal [Maize, Wheat flour (Gluten - Triticum aestivum)], Spices and herbs (Irradiated), Preservative (Sulphur dioxide), Monosodium Glutamate (Flavour enhancer), Spice extracts, Flavour enhancer, Flavourings

*Not suitable for people with allergies to wheat gluten, soya bean, egg & milk allergies*

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