On Sale! Crown National Gold Crown Cabanossi

Crown National Gold Crown Cabanossi

Crown National Gold Cabanossi

Flavoured with cryogenically ground spices, including nutmeg, caraway, coriander, black pepper, onion
and garlic powder and paprika for colour



Dosage: Use 80g -85g per kg of meat

Bag Size:

600g Bag


Enhancedwith Vegamine®and meaty top notes. But includes additional functional ingredients such as PraguePowder®curing salt, cure accelerator and phosphatesto maximise protein extraction from the meat

Salt, vegetable protein (soy), flavourings (monosodium glutamate (E621), E631, E627), phosphate, corn starch, dextrose, sucrose, dehydrated vegetables (garlic, onion - irradiated), sodium erythorbate, spice and spice extracts, colouring, vegetable oil (canola). Curing agent - packed separately: salt, phosphate, preservative (sodium nitrate), colouring.

*Not suitable for people with allergies to wheat gluten, soya bean, egg & milk allergies*


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