Paleo Biltong Spice

Presenting our selected blend of Paleo biltong spices, all natural and sourced within Australia and free of any fillers or additives and absolutely no MSG or any nasties.

Our pure Paleo biltong spices contain: Himalayan pink salt, Corriander seads, Black Pepper and other fine ingredients. 

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Dosage: Use 40 - 50g per kg of meat

Spices approx. 25 Kg's of meat with a 1kg pack


Mix spice, meat & any additional ingredients, like apple cider vinegar together. Leave overnight to marinate. Tumble again & hang. Then dry to 40-60% moisture loss.

Bag Size:

1Kg Bag or 200g sample size


Himalayan pink salt, Corriander seads, Black Pepper, Paprika, Ground Corriander, Garlic Powder.

*You can use bicarbonate of soda to act as a preservative and prevent mould, suggested use 1 teaspoon for 2kg meat*


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